08 June 2017

New Interactive Ball Designed to Improve Interactions with Pet Guardians

gosh!, developer of unique, premium IT accessories that amplify life’s moments, today announced the launch of a 30-day Indiegogo campaign that will feature its latest product—easyPlay.
  • The concept for easyPlay was born from the desire to connect pet parents with their pets while away from home—keeping dogs and cats engaged and alleviating boredom. Features of the easyPlay include: 
  • Ability to set up to three treat/feeding times—notifying the pet with a pre-set voice recording that their treat or food is ready. 
  • Camera with 2-way audio support allowing for communication between pets and their owners. 
  • Remote control through app, allowing user to move ball and engage pet. 
  • Activity tracker that reports on how active the pet is using a G-sensor. 
  • Engages pet on its own in random movements using Automatic Play mode. 
  • Ability to take photos or video with the app and share on Instagram or Facebook. 
  • All features operate via Wi-Fi. 
Pet parents can pre-load hard treats or kibble into three different sections of the ball through an easy to unscrew top. Once a treat or feeding time has begun, easyPlay self-reloads a new portion of treats with an internal rotating motor, and plays a personalized voice recording to alert the dog or cat to play. The pet has to move the ball to get his/her treats out—treat dispensing during play is an important element of the toy to keep a pet active and engaged.

“It’s difficult to leave our pets home alone all day,” said Adam Anderson, managing director for gosh! “We’ve designed easyPlay to make it simple for pet parents to interact with their dog or cat from anywhere.”

The easyPlay will retail for $249 but early bird Indiegogo campaign contributors can acquire an easyPlay for a promotional price of $99.00. Information on the campaign can be found at https://comingsoon-tech.com/easyplay-smartest-interactive-pet-toy.

About gosh!
gosh! is a brand created and wholly owned by Appcessory Pte Ltd, an IT accessories company based in Singapore with offices in the U.S. and Asia that was established by a team of Apple specialists who have been involved in the tech industry since the late 1990’s. Every product is born out of a passion for design excellence. The gosh! team understands the pleasure of having a smart phone, laptop or any other electronic product doesn’t end by just owning it. It is about ‘accessorizing’ and scaling up the experience with affordable, thoughtful and reliable accessories. For information on gosh!, please visit: http://www.GetGosh.com.