24 May 2017

SOLAR 2017 Registration Now Open

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) today announced that registration for SOLAR 2017, the 46th Annual Solar Conference is now available online at solar2017.org/register.

The event will be held October 9-12, at the University of Colorado Denver Campus. The conference, held in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, with the Decathlon's public days on the weekends before and after SOLAR 2017.
SOLAR 2017 will be attended by solar professionals and researchers, architects and engineers, educators and students, business leaders and entrepreneurs, economists and financial professionals, and renewable energy advocates from a wide variety of constituencies.
The focus of SOLAR 2017, "Building a 100% Renewable Energy Community," will discuss pathways to the renewable energy transformation and overcoming the challenges ahead. The conference will feature cutting-edge research as well as presentations on the integration of solar and other renewables, and solar-friendly policies and financing.

The conference also will explore how different groups advocating for a renewable energy world can work more effectively together to accelerate the transformation.

 "It's an exciting time to be a part of the renewable energy industry and movement, and ASES is proud to bring this community together year after year to collaborate and strive for progress," said ASES Executive Director Carly Rixham.
The solar conferences began in 1971 and have long served as a major event for the global renewable energy community to explore PV and other technologies, their markets and economics; advances in passive solar and the latest in building science; and related aspects of sustainable living and community building.
"This year, in particular, our conference is striving to provide a welcoming, non-competitive, educational and community-oriented environment where all are welcome to come and help advance the energy transformation," commented Dr. Paulette Middleton, SOLAR 2017 Conference Chair.
Registration for the conference is at solar2017.org/register.  Those interested in supporting the conference through tax-deductible sponsorships can visit solar2017.org/sponsor.
About ASES
Established in 1954, ASES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that advocates for sustainable living and 100% renewable energy by sharing information, events and resources to cultivate community and power progress.We integrate the perspectives of science, industry, policy and citizens. We believe knowledge and community are a powerful combination for change. Our members look to us to sustain the culture required to achieve a 100% renewable energy future. Through our programs, Solar Today Magazine, ASES Solar Conferences and ASES National Solar Tour, we engage individuals, businesses and partnering groups to advance these possibilities.
For more information, please email info@ases.org or visit www.ases.orgFacebook and TwitterASES is the US Section of the International Solar Energy Society.