19 May 2017

11 Ways Animal-Assisted Therapy Improves Quality of Life

Have you or a loved one ever spent any time in the hospital? It’s never a fun time, right?  Someone’s injured, sick, and maybe even battling for their life. The lights are too bright. Nothing’s personal or comfortable.

It’s at a trying time like this when you might need your furry friend the most, but it’s not like you can just take your dog or cat to the hospital with you.

But the idea makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Well, according to a growing body of research, Animal-Assisted Therapy can be used to benefits all manner of sick, injured, elderly, and otherwise hospitalized patients.

There’s such an amazing opportunity to makes people’s lives more comfortable by relieving pain and stress with the use of dogs, cats, and other animals, that we just had to put together this fun infographic below.

You can learn more about each point at Catological.com.

[download to see full-sized version]

By Emily Parker, Catological