24 October 2013

Book Review: Pies and Tarts with Heart

Are you fretting because you’re having family over for a vegan Thanksgiving, and you want to prove to them just how delicious vegan desserts can be? Are you having a vegan over for the holidays and have no idea what to make for them? Or are you just looking for a healthier take on the traditional pie? 

There’s no need to worry, because Dynise Balcavage is here to help with her excellent pie-building techniques in her new cookbook, Pies and Tarts with Heart. You’ll learn all about vegan pies just in time for the holidays.

If you’ve never made a vegan pie before (or any homemade pie, for that matter) or if you’re looking to show your family and friends that vegan means delicious, exciting, and incredibly easy, this is the perfect book for you. In Pies and Tarts with Heart, you receive easy step-by-step instructions on how to make the most decadent of pies. Plus, the vegan at your table will be happy, and nobody else will even know the difference in ingredients.

In this exciting cookbook with easy, instructional photographs and simple ingredients, readers will learn how to make everything from the traditional apple, pumpkin, and key lime pies, to crème pies and even quiches and pizza pies. Balcavage provides over 60 homemade vegan pie recipes, starting with the homemade crusts and ending with delicious pie toppings such as butterscotch or chocolate sauce. As an added bonus, Balcavage also provides plenty of gluten-free options and even pies that are perfect for kids.

After reading Pies and Tarts with Heart, readers will feel like professionals in the kitchen when it comes to baking pies. Purchase your copy of Pies and Tarts with heart and receive it just in time for Thanksgiving or any other holiday gathering.

Pies and Tarts with Heart is Balcavage’s third cookbook after The Urban Vegan and Celebrate Vegan, and her recipes have appeared in VegNews, Vegetarian Times, and Philadelphia Daily News. Be sure to follow Balcavage’s updates on Facebook or Twitter.

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