16 April 2013

The TofuXpress makes a great addition to any tofu eater's kitchen

After using the TofuXpress for the past several weeks, I feel it has come time to share my thoughts on the versatile kitchen gadget. From the moment I received the package in the mail I knew we would form a special bond.

 Here are some of the perks of the TofuXpress:
  • I no longer have to leave my tofu sitting on the counter under a pile of unstable heavy items; the device fits right into the fridge. Also, there is also no need to worry about spilling a plate of water or using paper towels. 
  • I really like how the TofuXpress covers the tofu from all sides, which helps prevent the tofu from absorbing odors and flavors from other foods in the fridge. It also helps the tofu hold it's shape while being pressed.
  • I feel that it presses tofu faster than piling things on top of your tofu. I also found that, it is more convenient than other tofu presses I have used (ones that require you to periodically tighten screws or risk disfiguring the tofu). 
  • It doubles as a perfectly sized marinating dish and comes with a lid. Again, this is great for storing marinating tofu in your fridge for hours without spills or the concern of your tofu absorbing other flavors. I also use the unit to store unused portions of opened tofu and as a place to hold my frozen tofu as it thaws. 
The TofuXpress has many other uses too:
  • Use it to make pressed salads- a big benefit to those following a macrobiotic diet. 
  • Press water out of thawed spinach. 
  • I like to use it to press water out of zucchini for use in falafel or zucchini bread. 
  • You can make your own greek yogurt or yogurt cheese from plain soy yogurt (requires additional attachment and a cheesecloth). 
The only cons that I have found are: The TofuXpress works best with traditional sized blocks of tofu, the tofu I purchase is too large to fit in the press at one time. Also, from reading other reviews, I heard that over stuffing results in the product breaking.

The press is a little tight-fitted for marinating. After I press my tofu, I cut it and return it to the TofuXpress- applying the marinade between layers for better coverage. Also, the marinating dish top that is designed to be stored underneath the press doesn't always stay put.

All said and done, the TofuXpress makes a great addition to any tofu eater’s kitchen. The pros far outweigh the cons. The device benefits your kitchen by reducing pressing time, keeping things off of your counter, and reducing the chance of a mess, all while improving the texture of your tofu.

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Philadelphia, PA Stephanie is an eco-conscious vegan from Philadelphia, PA. She has a degree in Communications and Technical Theater, and is currently the communications specialist at an area nonprofit. She recently finished a year serving with AmeriCorps, and spends her free time playing with her adopted dogs and her rescued cats.

Photo credit: TofuXpress Disclaimer: TofuXpress provided a sample product for review