04 December 2012

Top holiday gift ideas for vegans and vegetarians

The holiday season has finally arrived. Below is the perfect holiday gift guide for the vegans and vegetarians in your life.

I Love Trader Joe’s Vegetarian Cookbook by Kris Holechek Peters
Trader Joe’s is a staple in every vegan’s life. Surprise your loved one with the Trader Joe’s themed cookbook featuring 150 delicious recipes. (NOTE: Although the title says "vegetarian," the author includes a vegan version of every recipe.)

Liz Lovely cookies 
Who doesn’t love receiving a big box of delicious cookies in the mail? For a reasonable price, send your loved ones packages of cookies in an old-fashioned bakery box.

Vegan gelt 
For those celebrating Hanukkah, veganstore.com offers a cruelty-free alternative to chocolate coins.

EZ Bean Cooker 
Everyone’s favorite musical fruit just got EZ-er to make! The EZ Bean Cooker is a wonderful gift for those who love to cook. Click here for a review.

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals by Ruby Roth
Featuring beautiful artwork, a cute story, and an incredible message, this gift is perfect for young vegans and vegetarians.

Animal Matters: Fur & Feathers board game
While being fun and exciting, the Fur & Feathers board game also teaches useful facts about animals and veganism. Ages 6 and up.

Highland Titles 
Looking for a gift that is truly clever and unexpected? Buy a plot of land in Scotland. This helps contribute to animal and environmental protection—hunting and destruction are not allowed on the plot of land after being purchased. Along with the conservation deed, the new land owner can legally use the prefix Lord, Laird, or Lady.

Adopt a shelter animal 
The holiday season is a time for giving. Why not give an abandoned animal a home? Click here to find a shelter near you.

e.l.f Cosmetics 
The popular cruelty-free makeup company offers a large selection of inexpensive gift sets this time of year.

Whether it's used for shopping (Paper or plastic? Neither-- ChicoBag!), a fashionable purse, or temporary storage, ChicoBag is a perfect gift for anyone. While some bags can be bulky and cluttery, ChicoBag's can be rolled up into itself to save space.

Dr. McDougall's Soups 
Fill up a gift basket with vegan-friendly Dr. McDougall Soup cups for a warm treat.

Tofurky and Daiya 
Buy Tofurky sausages and Daiya’s new vegan cheese wedges for an authentic holiday gift basket feel.

SO Delicious Coconut Milk Egg Nog 
Egg nog is the ultimate holiday drink. Create a gift basket of various flavors of SO Delicious egg nog, such as mint chocolate and pumpkin spice.

Specialty Shop
For vegans who love to shop, gift cards to places such as Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and Trader Joe’s are sure to please.

Julia Fortney | email
Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: cc: SXC pixman