18 December 2012

One vegan's holiday wishlist

Looking for last minute gifts for the vegans in your life? Well, I'm not them (unless you're my mom. Hi mom!) but here are some things that I want, which might help you out.

At the top of my wishlist this year is the tofuXpress. I've had my eye on this thing for years. Instead of the usual towels/stack of cookbooks/tilted cutting board method of pressing tofu, you just put it in this box. Sure, it takes a little time, but pressing tofu has always taken time. At least now it's not a precarious and messy endeavor.

I just love the giftshop at Farm Sanctuary -- in particular, the yoga pants and the veg for life necklace. You can also (symbolically) adopt a farm animal! This is a wonderful gift for minimalist vegans.

Ooh, the lavenderbergamot body butter from moska organics looks lovely. I'm a person who takes epsom salt baths to soothe muscle soreness, so a few Fizzy O'Therapy bath bombs from Lush would sure be comforting. Honestly, pretty much any kind of fancy vegan bath and body stuff makes me happy. I could always use a new mascara from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics too.

Yum, I could sure eat my way though some OCD caramels! These tasty treats are all gluten free and made with ethical ingredients. She worries so we don’t have to!

But the vegan in your life may not just want specially vegan items. On my list are cotton sheets, yoga pants, dishtowels, potholders, a ceramic coated frying pan and theater tickets. Because I’m a human who needs human stuff, and the vegan in your life probably is too.

Mandy Brown | @msmandypandy
San Francisco, CA Mandy is a vegan celiac actress writer living in San Francisco with her husband and three rescued pets. You can follow her on Twitter @msmandypandy.

Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/29638108@N06