26 October 2012

Vegan sweetness: Wholesome Sweetners offers a wide variety of vegan sugar alternatives

With the weather getting cooler and Thanksgiving right around the corner, people everywhere are making sweet treats and autumn themed baked goods. What can vegans who forego refined sugar do to fill their sweet tooth?

Wholesome Sweeteners, an organic sweetener company, offers many vegan alternatives to sugar, such as raw sugar, Stevia, Coconut Palm sugar, and various flavors of agave nectar. The variety of natural sweeteners is perfect for baking delicious, healthy, sweet delights.

“We strongly believe in the importance of sustainable and organic agriculture; not only to provide the best-tasting, highest quality sugars but also to encourage a safe and beautiful future for the planet,” says Wholesome Sweeteners.

In honor of October’s National Fair Trade Month, Wholesome Sweeteners recently released Fair Trade Organic Agave Syrup.

“We have created a viable economic incentive to protect communities, traditions and the environment,” says Wholesome Sweetener on its Fair Trade dedication. “This means that farmers can compete against factory farms, keep their land (and buy more), send their kids to school, develop the quality of their crops and build community resources.”

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Julia Fortney | email
Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: TDIV