20 September 2012

Where to Drink Vegan: The Coffee Truck - Nashville, TN

After deciding that I do in fact like coffee our next coffee adventure in Nashville had to be The Coffee Truck owned and operated by the lovely Miss Juliet and her brother Sutherland. Juliet and Sutherland grew up in Costa Rica on their family's coffee plantation - so they know coffee. They served me up a delicious vegan mocha latte!

They were sweet enough to let me hop into the front of their truck and take a peek inside. While the inside of the truck is cramped - as any truck is - they managed to make it cozy with some personal touches. The seats are garbed in coffee sacks from the coffee that they use on-truck!

You can find them most days (Tuesday- Friday) at 719 McFerrin Street but follow their twitter or Facebook to find out when they might be at local events.

Lacey Walker | @quinoaween | Blog | Flickr
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Photo credit: Lacey