We Add Up introduces new T-shirt action "Animal Rescue" with Petfinder.com

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We Add Up is a worldwide T-shirt campaign founded on the principle that everyone can do something, and our individual efforts add up. Organic shirts are printed with your own number on the front, validating the belief that "We Add Up." On the back there is an action that describes what you are doing to make the world a better place.

Currently there are 25,000+ members involved in the We Add Up campaign -- and they have a shirt to prove it! 

We Add Up recently partnered with Petfinder.com and announced "Animal Rescue" as its newest action. For every "Rescue" T-shirt sold, We Add Up will donate $3 to Petfinder.com.

“Rescue” joins other positive actions such as Vegan, Eat Raw, Bike, Organic & many others. 

Purchase yours today!

Ashley Shamus | Email
Northeast Pennsylvania Ashley has a psychology degree, and is soaking up tons of knowledge while furthering her education. She has a passion for holistic nutrition, animal rights, and green vegetables. In her free time, she loves to cook, juice, and bask in the sun. She whole heartedly applauds and appreciates all of the wonderful people who strive to make a positive difference in animals’ lives!

Photo credit: We Add Up

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