03 August 2012

Vegan Tours offers plant-based eaters a chance to see New York City vegan style

When dining out, locating vegan fare that consists of more than just a piece of lettuce with a spritz of vinegar and olive oil can be daunting. It’s really too bad someone in the plant-based culinary know doesn’t offer a service in which they could show you the local vegan eateries.

Well if you either live in or are visiting the upper west side of New York City you are in luck, thanks to Vegan Tours -- a company that "introduces people to amazing vegan cuisine."

Sounds fantastic but what exactly do you get on a vegan tour?

For starters it’s a three hour walking tour that begins with a little green juice to help patrons prepare for the plant-based food extravaganza that follows.

While on the tour you will enjoy a slice vegan style, an entrĂ©e sampling, the best vegan burger, chai and a croissant and will conclude with a “surprise.”

Tours occur on Fridays 4 to 7 pm and cost $90 per person.

And if you were wondering, the 90 samolians covers samples at each of the restaurants visited on the tour.

Of course if you find any of the samples absolutely irresistible you can also purchase additional food.

Ready to take a vegan tour?

For more information visit the Vegan Tours website.

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