21 August 2012

Product Review: Oliviers & Co Olive Oils

It’s no surprise to many of you, after watching my markethaul videos, that I love olive oil.  It’s so fragrant and delicious.  So someone asking me to review them is kind of like asking me if I want a job where all I have to do is tend my garden all day.

As far as I’m concerned, olive oil is one of the better things on earth.  So reviewing an olive oil is a frightening prospect for me.  I want to love them all and it is a huge disappointment if someone has muddled the purity of olive oil with some strange chemical flavor instead of the real thing.  Since you can next tell what they will taste like before you taste them, it can be nirvana at best or the mortal equivalent of kryptonite at worst.  But I took a deep breath and plunged in.

I had been expecting two oils.  So, when the box arrived, I was surprised to find that they had sent me two small tins of basil and lemon olive oils, as well as a bottle of Modena balsamic and a jar of something called black olive paste.

I wasted no time in popping open the jar of olive paste and dipping in a spoon.  It was magical.  The kalamata paste was rich and deeply flavored and briny.  Walt and I slathered it on bread, added some cucumbers and tomatoes and ooh’d and ahh’d over the flavor and texture.  Lunch has never been so simple or so satisfying.

The olive oils are delicious as well.  No pale or delicate flavors here, but bold and nuanced, striking the nose and palate in stages and ending with a clean finish and pleasant memory.  My fear of chemicals was for nothing since these flavors are undeniably real.  The balsamic is rich and sweet and utter bliss.

According to their catalog, these are only a few of many olive oil products Oliviers and Co. sells.  I plan to try one at a time.  Forever.

We made this Chunky Pesto Pasta Salad with the Basil Specialty Olive Oil.  It was delicious and added a kick of fragrant basil to the dressing.  Try a little flavored oil the next time one of your recipes calls for olive oil. 

All of the Oliviers & Co. products are available in their boutique stores as well as online at www.oliviersandco.com.

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Photo credit: O&CO.

Disclaimer: A sample was provided for review by Oliviers & Co Olive Oils