30 August 2012

Where to eat vegan: Stone Soup Kitchen - Atlanta

I recently spent the weekend in the adorable neighborhood of Grant Park in Atlanta. Always on the quest for delicious vegan fare we ended up at Stone Soup Kitchen for brunch one day.

If you bee-line it to the back of the restaurant, past the spacious booths, you can round the corner and come out in a cute little shaded patio with the long farm table set against the back wall.

Stone Soup Kitchen operates by this philosophy: "The better the ingredients the better the food." Whenever possible they use local or organic ingredients. That's all fine and dandy but it had to be put to the test!

While most of the menu is not vegetarian or vegan there are a few options that all sound appetizing. I really love how well designed their menu layout is and how easy it is to find the vegan and gluten free options on the menu (just look for the brightly colored stars).

I chose the Blueberry Corn Meal Flapjacks and the Vegos Rancheros - both of which are vegan and gluten free. Verdict: Flapjacks - AMAZING .... Rancheros - GOOD but in need of a saucier sauce.

Now I have to say: I am not a pancake girl. I will sling some waffles till the day I die and only eat pancakes when I have no waffles to consume but THESE pancakes were amazing. Fluffy, filling, crispy yet soft and full of plump, slightly tart blueberries.

The Vegos Rancheros had a lovely array of colors from the black beans to the salsa fresca to the vibrant green sunflower sprouts. What would make this dish delicious would be a vegan chipotle sour cream or a creamy cilantro dressing. Something to liven it up just a little.

This was a really great spot for a satisfying vegan brunch that could be enjoyed in the company of omni friends.


584 Woodward Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30312



Cafe - Monday through Friday 6:30 to 3pm
Breakfast - 6:30 am to 3pm
Lunch - 11am to 3pm
Weekend Brunch - 9am to 3pm

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