15 August 2012

Can I make a case for eating eggs?

As I teeter between eating vegetarian and vegan, I’ve easily given up eggs. I cook a lot so if I don’t buy eggs, I just don’t eat them. And over the years, I’ve found substitutions, like rather than an egg wash for breaded eggplant, use 2:1 ratio of rice milk to whole-wheat flour.

In order to increase my mix of vegetables and the amount of local products I consume, I purchased a CSA share. Within the literature there was a flyer about their chickens. These chickens are rescued from other organic farms when they start to slow down the number of eggs they are laying. They are kept at the farm for a few years until they really stop laying eggs and then are killed or adopted by urban farmers or homeowners. While the chickens are at the farm, they roam freely eating bugs and plants and are only given organic feed during the winter months when there isn’t much to forage.

So I’ve been thinking it’s OK to eat the eggs from these happy adopted chickens. My reasons for being a vegetarian are health related but also stem from my compassion for animals. I agree with PETA when they say animals should be slaughtered humanely, and I don’t have an answer for this particular farm, but assuming the farm does continue its humane treatment of these chickens, is it OK to eat their eggs? I’ve ordered 6 per week, for a family of 7, so I’m just using them sparingly and feel the health implications are close to null.

This is my latest diet related dilemma and I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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Denver, CO Shana Kurz is Certified Health Coach (and vegan), who works with women who want to boost their fertility through lifestyle changes. She helps women create a plan for optimal health and fertility and helps them understand how their food choices and lifestyle impact fertility. She leads private coaching sessions, detox programs and reaches thousands of women through her blogs and Facebook page.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/cursedthing