08 August 2012

Animated series promoting plant-based diets needs funding

If you think a cartoon aimed at promoting plant-based diets to omnivores is a great idea, then prepare to break out your checkbook or credit card.

The Vegtoons is “an entertaining, educational initiative designed specifically with omnivores in mind. In a light-hearted, sympathetic way, the show will help to raise awareness for living more compassionately and consciously. The intent is to open the door to a deeper conversation in our society, one that is respectful in articulating the values of vegetarianism, but also fruitful in broadening people's imagination for what is possible.”

The series, which will be designed and animated by the award-winning studio Cartoon Saloon, will follow the lunchtime conversation of Hugh Manatee, Harang-Utan, and Rufus Peeve, Jr. III.

According to the project’s Kickstarter page, the three “protagonist” friends will primarily hold these pow-wows at the Meet Market – an all vegetarian restaurant located across the street from an all-you-can-eat meat buffet aptly named the Meaty Ogre.

The Vegtoons has drawn praise from vegan luminaries across the nation including PCRM’s President, Neal Barnard and The China Study author T. Colin Campbell.

But without funding – $16000 to be exact – the first episode won’t see the light of day.

An additional $20,000 will be required to produce each following episode so don’t put away your piggy bank after your initial pledge.

To support The Vegtoons, and for more information, visit Kickstarter.

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