12 July 2012

Meet a vegan: GiGi from Veganville

Your name for all the world to see: GiGi

Where you live: Berkeley, California originally from Brooklyn, New York

Why you went vegan: Transitioning from vegetarianism to veganism was the next right step, especially when I consumed so little dairy. After reading about the atrocities of the egg and milk industry I could not with good conscience remain a vegetarian. Becoming a vegan was a no brainer.

Your favorite vegan meals to cook or nosh on: Lately I really enjoy making raw candy (Chocolate Almond Raspberry Truffle) and raw pies like Cashew Caramel Pie and Elvis P Pie, a raw peanut butter and chocolate pie devoted to the King of Vegas who was definitely not a vegan. I love cooking for friends and I am fortunate enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area where there are three or four vegan restaurants within a mile radius of my house. Zachary’s Pizza, a local pizzeria, just started making a vegan stuffed deep dish pie with Daiya that’s fantastic. We usually make and add our own toppings like, sautĂ©ed broccoli, kale and mushrooms, Tofurkey whatever catches our fancy.

What do you do?: I have a Vegan baking and cooking business and an Etsy shop called Veganville. We also provide 5 brick and mortar stores with baked goods and savories and do local private orders. We have been known to do events and cater too. I am also a proud member of veganetsy and one of the leaders of the bekindtreasury team on etsy. I am the mommy to two kickass cats, two ferals who rescued me and my husband. I am an irreverent blogger and really enjoy the vegan blogging community. I have a strong spiritual practice, workout, just started playing tennis and running again after a long hiatus. I am blessed to have married my best friend who I hope to do music with and perform with again someday soon.

How can people contact you? My blog and twitter.

Kelly Beth | @veganbotanicals | Facebook | website 
Colorado Kelly Beth is a clinical herbalist and vegan foodie. She lives deep in the mountains of Colorado with her fiancé, cat, and plants. She loves living as close to the land as possible and practicing self-sustainability, from growing her own food to wild crafting herbal medicine. Kelly Beth is the owner of twig & leaf botanicals, a vegan & organic botanical business that is also certified cruelty-free.

Photo credit: GiGi