05 July 2012

Greenville, South Carolina dog for adoption: Maizy

Help Me Write My Story

Maizy’s story is unfinished. Her previous “life” consisted of being locked in a bathroom day after day by someone who had absolutely no right to call himself her caregiver. In order to make her look more like a Pit Bull, he tried to crop her ears by using rubber bands. This is what we know of Maizy’s story; who knows what other horrors she was subjected to. Fortunately, help came in time for this sweet girl. She was rescued from that unspeakable situation and brought to the CCA shelter to begin a new chapter in her life.

For all of the torment and misery of her past, you would expect Maizy to be fearful and unsure around humans; nothing could be further from the truth. At first, Maizy is a bit shy; but once she gets to know you, her tail never stops wagging. She has many favorite activities, but the one she loves the most is to chase a spray of water coming from a hose!

Maizy is an older gal, but her story is far from written. If you’re willing to help her write the rest of it, please call CCA at 864.243.4222.

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Greenville, SC Concerned Citizens for Animals (CCA) is a local, non-profit organization founded in 1980. CCA is dedicated to helping animals and educating the public about their humane treatment.

Photo credit: CCA