26 June 2012

Please feed your vegan guests!

How many times have you been invited to someone's house and once you arrive they have nothing for you to eat? They know you are vegan, after all they rave about your cupcakes, have been to your house for dinner and yet they want you to show up to their house (possibly with cupcakes) and just sit there while others eat. To quote Stephanie Tanner from Full House "how rude!!!!"

If you are not vegan and having a vegan guest over please feed them. It is not hard, even if you do not live near a Whole Foods. I have picked a few products out that I found at each of these locations Target, Safeway and Raley's (BellAir in some parts). I stayed away from the specialty shops and health food stores to show that no matter where you live vegan food can be found!

Gardein products are easy to find! I know a lot of people dig on them (I am allergic to one of their most used ingredients so I cannot rave about them - sorry!). Get the crispy tenders, a bottle of organic Heinz ketchup and a bag of Alexia sweet potato fries and you have a vegan meal!

Speaking of fries most of Ore-Ida products are vegan friendly, I like the fast food fries and the boyfriend likes the crinkle cut. Make some fries and heat up a can of Amy's chili for a meal....or serve the chili with Fritos - because they are vegan and taste great with chili!

Amy's minestrone soup is pretty tasty and if you bake up some original Pillsbury Crescent Rolls your guest has a nice warm meal.

Wholly Guacamole in original is tasty! Pair it with Mission Brand tortilla chips or Amy's (again) non-dairy rice and bean burrito.

If your guests are on the younger side or are just kid's at heart you cannot go wrong with a peanut butter sandwich (unless they are allergic to peanuts!). Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter or Peanut Butter & Co's Dark Chocolate Dreams tastes mighty good. Cut up some organic bananas and top a few 100 percent whole wheat sandwich rounds by Oroweat and you have a tasty treat.

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Modesto, CA Kendy is on a mission to dispel the myth that vegans are bland like tofu straight out of the package. Vegan cosmetics, beauty products, crafting accessories and cruelty free fashion are her favorite things to talk about - when she is not talking about cats! She writes/runs her own zine The Stay At Home Girlfriend and has written for various indie magazines.

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