29 June 2012

Moving video shows organization's work with animals after natural disasters

Kinship Circle is a "501c3non-profit organization serving the animal advocacy community. [They] empower people to communicate (speak, write, present) influentially to lawmakers, businesses, media and other decision-makers" in regards to animal welfare. In addition, they have a network of "independently trained responders," who travel halfway around the world to help animal disaster victims. In their video (see below) which details some of their rescue work done worldwide, you will see not only cats and dogs, but also pigs, cows, chickens and rabbits. They are committed to helping all animals in need after natural disasters.

The Kinship Circle Disaster Animal Response Team works in agreement with disaster agencies and other animal groups to provide "skills/experience, stamina and leadership all in a spirit of cooperation that best serves animals". In recent years, they have traveled and offered their assistance to the following:
  • Thialand floods
  • Hurricanes Irene, Gustov, Ike, Katrina & Rita
  • Japan Quake-Tsunami and radiation crisis
  • Brazil floods-mudslides
  • Chile earthquakes-tsunami
  • Gulf BP oil disaster
  • Iowa floods
It is simply impossible to save every animal since shelters are always over-crowded already, but they do take in the sick, wounded, emaciated, diseased, mothers with litters, and the defenseless due to their severely traumatized emotional state. The rest will be sheltered in place, with food/water drops, mapping and documentation to make sure they are cared for. In addition, the responders also takes vet supplies and food to evacuees in shelters where their pets are with them.

The responders are thoroughly trained in FEMA courses (Kinship Circle requires 6 basic FEMA certifications to "deploy" as a disaster animal responder) and Animal Aid Training & CPR. Many of their volunteers possess a wide range of experience and skills from veterinary care to emergency sheltering, to photography and videography. In addition, some are professional firefighters, EMT's and veterinarians, with many being specially trained in things such as search and rescue, aggressive animal handling, wildlife rehabilitation and more.

Please take a few minutes to watch their moving video that details some of their work helping animals after natural disasters worldwide. Please also share this video and help support the Kinship Circle Animal Disaster Response Team in its mission to help the animals abandoned and in desperate need of their services.

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Photo credit: Kinship Circle