29 June 2012

8 must-read tips for the new vegetarian

8 must-read tips for the new vegetarian

1. Don't rely too heavily on cheese. It's easy to do when you are vegetarian -- you think you can get your protein mainly from cheese. Try to avoid that mindset.

2. Be open to trying lots of different proteins -- tofu, seitan, beans, whole grains, nuts, etc. The more you mix in different proteins, the less bored you will be with your meals. By sticking with only a couple protein sources, it's easy to get in a rut and think back to your meat-filled meals. Mix it up.

3. Supplement with faux meats on occasion. Don't make it a habit of buying lots of faux meats -- it can be expensive. BUT, on the other hand, having a day a week where you have a faux sausage or burger can be an inexpensive alternative to eating out.

4. Read this website. TDIV offers a plethora of information about both vegetarianism and veganism, as well as first-hand accounts from others who have made the switch to a meat-free lifestyle.

5. Unless you want to be known as Farting Fannie (or Freddy), invest in Beano Meltaways – the company’s only vegetarian-friendly supplement.

6. Understand that vegetarianism is NOT expensive. In fact, it can be considerably less expensive.

7. Vegetarianism is easy. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. So you can’t stop at McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat, is that really an issue?

8. Be open to the idea of veganism. No need to put pressure on yourself, but whether you are looking to make an impact on your health or animal treatment, veganism should eventually be your goal.

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