30 April 2012

Program in Washington pairs cats with behavioral issues and inmates

There is new hope for shelter cats in the Yacolt, Washington area. The program is called “Cuddly Catz” and it gives both inmates at the Larch Corrections Center and cats a second chance.

If a prisoner is non-violent and has a record of good behavior then they are allowed to participate in the program.

The inmates are in charge of everything including the litter box. They also keep the cat with them as well as all of the toys and food -- all of the items are donated.

This program allows for cats to be ready for adoption outside of prison when they might have not been adoptable at all. The cats that are chosen for the program might have lost their lives because of their behavioral issues and other concerns.

One prisoner, who was in charge of a cat named Princess Natalie, stated that the feline used to spray and scratch people but now she is much more lovable and friendly.

The inmates also benefit from companionship and take pride in preparing the animals for adoption. After all, we all need a second chance, both animals and humans.

Special thanks to HLN.

Marisa Jakubovic | @MJakubovic
Pittsburgh, PA Marisa lives in Pittsburgh, PA and is a Project Manager at a local company. Time away from work is spent practicing yoga, cooking vegan meals, and volunteering at a local animal shelter. She hopes to one day work with animals on a daily basis and continue to spread the word on living a cruelty-free life.

Photo credit: Screen capture HLN