05 April 2012

Michael Vick and HSUS team up in anti-dogfighting campaign

The Humane Society of the United States and Eagles quarterback Michael Vick have teamed up to prevent dogfighting.

Michael Vick, remorseful about his involvement in dog fighting, has dedicated his time to urban youth outreach on the issue. In the following video, Vick admits that dog fighting is wrong and encourages children to use their voices and to take care of animals. Vick professes, "I vow to help more animals than I hurt."

Some are skeptical about Michael Vick's commitment to the anti-dogfighting campaign, considering his history, but HSUS believes that because of both his celebrity status and his past in dogfighting, he is more likely to make an impact on at-risk and impressionable populations. Read more about this relationship here.

Regardless of his past, Michael Vick is now a voice for the animals.

To report incidents of animal fighting, please call the HSUS tip line (877)TIP-HSUS.

Do you feel Michael Vick is an effective spokesman for those trying to prevent dogfighting? Or do you believe HSUS, and other animal welfare organizations, should steer clear of Vick because of his past? Feel free to sound off on our Facebook page.

Amanda Chary
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Photo credit: Screen capture