10 April 2012

Country superstars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood go vegan...maybe

Garth Brooks would definitely not be Shamleless if a recent report is accurate.

According to Las Vegas columnist Norm Clarke, a couple from Washington State won a country music jackpot: two hours with Wynn headliner, Garth Brooks.

Steve Brown and his wife, Stephanie, sat down for lunch with Brooks this past Saturday at the Country Club at Wynn in Vegas.

Brown revealed to Clarke that during the lunch, Brooks indicated that he is vegan.

Clarke writes, “Brooks revealed that he and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, have become vegans and, while ordering, asked the server to bring him Steve Wynn's favorite vegan food.”

I reached out to Clarke who graciously verified the information – Brown told Clarke that Brooks told Brown that Brooks and Yearwood are vegan. Follow? Clarke also added that Brooks was “served a vegan Cobb Salad, according to Brown.”

Obviously we wanted to be very careful with this information. While it would be fantastic if both Brooks and Yearwood have switched to a plant-based diet, we would love to hear the information directly from them (or their people!).

One of our main concerns with the information is the fact that Yearwood is starting a new show on the Food Network: Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. In the show, which starts April 14, “Country music star Trisha Yearwood invites y'all into her Nashville kitchen, where she cooks up Southern favorites” and my gut tells me the “favorites” aren’t vegan. Not that she can’t be vegan and have the show, but you know where I’m going. She does have an awesome recipe for Chickless Pot Pie.

So, to summarize, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood may be vegan.

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