22 March 2012

Where to eat vegan: Double Wide Grill - Pittsburgh PA

Another E Carson Street vegan friendly gem: Double Wide Grill. Converted from an old vintage gas station into a casual grill and diner -- this restaurant boasts itself as a Pittsburgh B-B-Que joint that can satisfy your hankering for a beef brisket (no thanks) while at the same time offering an impressive selection of vegetarian and vegan options.

Seitan wings, lentil burgers, coconut rum "tilapia," BBQ pulled seitan, marinated veggie and tofu burritos, an avocado club with jalapenos and sweet mustard sauce, chili and meatless stroganoff.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that even with all those "critter free" options I again went for a burger. I was really torn between the stroganoff, the pulled seitan sammy and the burger. That's not to say I didn't like the burger. The vegan shoestring fries were perfectly crispy without being oily OR over-salted. The lentil burger tasted like well cooked (not a pile of mush) lentils and the server was happy to pile on the mushrooms, onions and avocado I requested without any extra charge! Next time though - I'm going to be more adventurous.

Lacey Walker | @quinoaween | Blog | Flickr
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Photo credit: Lacey