13 March 2012

Vegenaise introduces four new flavors

Throughout history certain events have occurred that change the way we progress as a civilization. Innovations like the motorized vehicle and the light bulb come to mind. The time had come once again and everything is about to change, everything about how vegans make a sandwich that is.

That's right folks! Follow Your Heart, the makers of the oh so beloved Vegenaise, has announced the release of four new Vegenaise flavors! Now on top of the regular Vegenaise flavors, including horseradish and tartar sauce, we will soon be able to enjoy chipotle, barbecue, pesto and roasted garlic.

As I am unable to find an official release date, I am sure that vegans will be camping outside of their local grocery stores as soon as it is announced.

Hearing this news at nearly the same time as the new Daiya wedges, I could swear it was a conspiracy to sell even more Tofurky!

If you happen to discover the official release date of the new Vegenaise flavors, then contact me immediately so I can start pressuring my local EarthFare to carry the flavors!

My Dream Sandwich: Oven roasted Tofurky, roasted garlic vegenaise, Havarti Daiya wedge, lettuce, tomato, going into my mouth!

Editors note: The new flavors are now featured on the Vegenaise website.

Update: According to Follow Your Heart; the new flavors of Vegenaise should begin to hit store shelves sometime in April and no later than May.

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Tennessee Steven is currently pursuing a B.A. in women's studies at East Tennessee State University. He is the founder of Vegans and Vegetarians of the Tri-Cities and the graphic designer for Build It Up East TN. Steven is a vegan, active feminist, and environmentalist. He enjoys film, art, and delicious vegan cuisine and wishes to educate others about oppression, regardless if it's animal oppression or human oppression. He also writes the blog "Male Vegan Feminist and the Dark Side of Masculinity."

Photo credit: Veganaise/TDIV