27 March 2012

Campaign to end dolphin and whale meat sales on Yahoo! Japan gains momentum

Approximately 20,000 dolphins and small whales are slaughtered annually in Taiji, Japan, also known as “The Cove.” These helpless beautiful and intelligent creatures are quarantined with boats and nets only to be speared, turning the blue clear waters to crimson red.

Melissa Sehgal is an extraordinary volunteer who is documenting the grotesque realities of dolphin and small whale slaughters happening in Taiji. She began a petition at Change.org after learning that Yahoo! Japan sells dolphin and whale meat,“I'm in Taiji right now documenting the slaughter of dolphins and whales while Yahoo! is making money off of selling meat from animals slaughtered at ‘The Cove.’ It's infuriating and disheartening, and I won't stop until Yahoo! listens to people around the world who have signed my petition."

The Humane Society International and Environmental Investigation Agency have urged Yahoo! Japan to take the same steps as Amazon did to stop selling dolphin and whale meat. Not only is the slaughtering unethical, but the meat contains high levels of mercury that is being consumed.

According to TheDailyMeal.com, a statement was released by Yahoo! relating that Yahoo! Inc. is a minor shareholder in Yahoo! Japan and is unable to "impose" upon corporate procedures and policies regarding Yahoo! Japan.

Yahoo! Inc. should not use their 33% ownership of Yahoo! Japan as an excuse not to "impose," but should exemplify and urge Yahoo! Japan to stop these inhumane and unhealthy practices as the petition from Sehgal has reached over 72,000 (and counting) signatures.

Here are some of the products where dolphin and whale meat can be bought online, via Yahoo! Japan (Using Google Translator from Japanese to English):

Whale bacon
Fried whale meat
Taiji whale dinner
Pilot whales (dolphins)

The profits are astounding from whale and dolphin carcasses, thus the reason of the battle and continuing practices. According to Squidoo.com, “Whales and dolphins slaughtered for meat may reach as much as 9000 US dollars each at market."

Yet, does profit outweigh ethics?

To help stop these inhumane practices, I urge YOU to sign the petition and share this information.  Change can happen as Amazon ended its dolphin and whale meat sales. 

Will Yahoo! Japan follow Amazon’s footsteps?

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Stay-at-home cat mom and freelance writer, Erika has been a vegetarian for over three years--slowly converting to a raw food vegan diet. She enjoys cooking and trying new recipes even if they don't always work in her favor. She loves to learn about people from different backgrounds as this creates a greater insight of creating open-mindedness. Diving into holistic healing, she is exploring the connection between alternative dieting lifestyles and spirituality as there is a valuable link between the two.

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