02 February 2012

Vegan food for Super Bowl Sunday

I have to admit it was a nice reprieve this weekend not to have football on all day. But with the Super Bowl coming this weekend we will have a house full of people who like to snack while cheering on their team, so I will be busy in the kitchen again!

Most game watching food is cheesy, gooey and unhealthy. While I plan to partake in the "cheezy" and gooey part, I would like to do without the unhealthy aspect as much as possible. Fortunately, once you make something vegan it usually becomes healthier.

I'm making traditional football food, or at least what my husband tells me is traditional football food. If you are a vegan or just want some healthier options for the weekend games check out these three recipes.

1. These buffalo tofu bites are always a hit. Use this vegan ranch dressing for dipping.

2. Nachos made with vegan nacho cheese. I've served this to many non-vegans who didn't seem to have any problem scarfing them down.

3. Baked french fries with a cashew cheese sauce. These french fries are great to dip into the cashew cheese sauce but also taste just as delicious dipped in ketchup too.

Julie Kelly | Facebook | @Mighty_Vegan | Blog
Boston, MA Julie loves finding new ways to make super healthy meals that are both easy and delicious. She has no special training as a chef just hours of playing in her own kitchen to feed her family. Julie believes you are what you eat, so she tries to keep it healthy with occasionally indulgences. Moving your body is a big party of being healthy and she tries to do that at least 6 times a week. When Julie’s not experimenting in the kitchen or spending time with her husband and 4 year old daughter, she is a partner at Three Bean Press, a custom self-publishing company. She is also a graphic designer and illustrator who has published three children's books: The Yellowest Yellow Lab, Lily and the Imaginary Zoo, and Frankie Goes to Fenway.

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