21 February 2012

Undercover investigation reveals abuse at Hormel pork supplier

It seems that accounts of abuse at pig breeding facilities have been on the increase. The latest story involves undercover video footage taken from within Hawkeye Sow Centers.

HSC is a pig breeding factory farm located in Leland, Iowa, and a pork supplier to Hormel. The hidden camera footage was recorded by an investigator from the animal advocacy group Compassion Over Killing.

The COK video documents:

  • pregnant and nursing pigs nearly immobilized in tiny crates, unable to even turn around
  • piglets screaming while workers slice off their tails and cut out the males’ genitals without any pain relief  
  • Poorly performed castrations that resulted in herniated intestines
  • Workers pushing the herniated intestines back inside the piglets, then wrapping the area with tape
  • Countless sick or injured piglets left to suffer without veterinary care, many of whom later died
  • Forced cannibalism: intestines from dead piglets are turned into “gruel” to feed back to pigs
  • Layers of feces caked on the floor of crates and  filthy, fly-infested conditions 

Iowa produces more pork than any other state in the country. Large agribusiness within Iowa are currently trying to pass a law, (HR-589/SF-431), that would make whistle blowing illegal. 

COK's executive director Erica Meier has stated "when it comes to the meat industry, animal cruelty is the standard practice, and rather than try to prevent the worst abuses, big agribusiness is trying to prevent Americans from finding out about them with ag-gag bills designed to ban these exposés."
Fore additional information please visit COK.

**The video below contains graphic content**

John Himmelberger | Blog | Facebook| @johnhimm
Maryland John lives in Maryland where he works as a sales manager. John and his wife Eileen’s pursuit to achieve optimum health combined with a desire to send a strong message to factory farming, inspired them to examine what they put into their bodies. Now a vegan, John has great admiration for groups like Farm Sanctuary and hopes to influence others by sharing his positive experiences.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/63056612@N00