27 February 2012

TDIV Q&A: What are some meal ideas for vegans who work physically demanding jobs?

It can be difficult for anyone to have a high level of energy through a demanding work day, but, eating a vegan diet does not decrease your energy level-it actually increases it! By cutting out animal proteins we give our body the opportunity to use it’s energy on foods that are easier to break down, as well as foods that provide us with more natural, long-lasting energy.

If you would like to boost your energy levels, packing a lunch consisting of quinoa and beans would be a good start, as this is a complete protein. It is also important to eat several times a day, with snacks in between. Some protein-packed snack suggestions include So Coconut Yogurt with a piece of fruit, a Rice Cake with Almond Butter or Sunbutter and a green apple, Hummus and Carrots, or a handful of almonds. The EnjoyLife Brand carries many options for granola bars that are easy to grab, or you can make some yourself using a recipe such as this one.

Another option for increasing your energy is juicing vegetables. You can juice my personal favorite, carrot and apple juice, using roughly 6 organic carrots (peeled or unpeeled) and 2 organic apples (peel included), which would make about 16 oz of juice. You can also try green juicing, which would include a cucumber, kale, celery, and other fruits and vegetables of your choice such as avocado and green apple. You can search the web for many different takes on the “green drink.”

Ultimately, you will find the most benefit from frequent eating, with the inclusion of some protein and healthy fat, such as avocado with meals. Cheers to high energy and high spirits!

Laura Manderino | @LaurAnne2585
Connecticut Laura is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, vegan, and cat lover. After years of struggling with a debilitating chronic illness, she found hope and healing through a vegan diet. She believes that the mind and body are fully connected, and in the exploration for her health, found her true passion-helping others to reach their optimum level of wellness. Follow her on her Twitter account for wellness tips, recipes, and adventures in her quest for health.

Photo credit: Renaude Hatsedakis