16 January 2012

Morrissey signs petition to ban animal-tested cosmetics in UK

Animal rights advocate and legendary singer, Morrissey, spoke out against animal testing this week by joining with advocacy group BUAV. The singer, along with celebrities like Sir Paul McCartney, Sienna Miller, Jodie Kidd, Jenny Seagrove and Kimberly Wyatt, signed the “No Cruel Cosmetics” petition. The “No
Cruel Cosmetics” petition will work to enforce a ban against animal testing in the UK.

According to BUAV, a London-based animal rights organization, a marketing ban due to come into effect in 2013 prohibits all animal-tested cosmetics from being sold in the UK and EU. While a ban currently exists for products made in the UK, it does not include products made in other countries that eventually are sold in the UK.

Unfortunately, the 2013 deadline was recently threatened by an extension. A delay on the ban means thousands of animals, mainly rodents, will endure forced cosmetic testing.

Over 140,000 people, including Morrissey, signed the petition to date. It is available at www.nocruelcosmetics.org.

Christina Matekel | Facebook | Blog
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