11 January 2012

Gardein asks Los Angeles consumers to start the New Year right and 'cheat on meat'

The best thing you can do for yourself, and also encourage others to do this New Year is to cheat on meat. The best part is, you are going to look and feel better, and you won’t have to sacrifice anything!

The first questions most vegetarians get asked is—“how do you get your protein?” Well, giving up meat is easier than ever, because you can say you get your protein from Gardein, the company that offers meatless products that are packed with protein. In fact, Gardein offers as much protein per serving as premium lean meat. Most importantly, it’s good for you and everyone -- and everything -- else since no animal is harmed in the making.

Gardein Protein International, the makers of Gardein, is launching a marketing campaign across the Greater Los Angeles area to help people reach their New Year’s goals of losing weight and looking and feeling better. Gardein is encouraging everyone to “cheat on meat” and NOT their health. You may think that animal protein is what you need to be healthy, but it’s actually causing your body more harm than good. You can get the good animal-free protein from Gardein, and other dairy-free and animal friendly products.

Dr. Neal Barnard, president of PCRM explained the importance of putting your health first.

"Caring for your own health should always be a top priority. Medical research shows diets high in animal protein do the body harm. So if you are going to slip on your diet or health resolutions in 2012, do yourself a favor and consume less or no animal protein. You can replace meat in your diet with proteins from plants and with meat-free foods like Gardein. Your body will thank you."

Targeted in Los Angeles, the “Cheat on Meat” campaign uses a wide variety of advertisements to encourage people to steer away from eating meat this year. Los Angeles is filled with bus, billboard and radio advertisements, and even a free trip to Las Vegas will be given away to encourage people to participate in the program.

Anyone who pledges to “cheat on meat” or who already cheats on meat can enter to win the free trip to Las Vegas by going to http://www.gardein.com/contest_.php.

Gardein is not stopping there -- they are doing even more to show everyone how delicious it is to cheat on meat. Through March 1, 2012, consumers in Los Angeles will be given the chance to sample different Gardein products at Whole Foods Markets, or off the Green Truck, LA’s first environmentally sustainable gourmet restaurant which serves serves organic and locally-grown cuisine.

Also, you don’t have to live in Los Angeles to participate and get involved in the action. You can buy Gardein products at your local Target or grocery store. There are no more excuses; you can’t use the “I won’t get enough protein” line or “there’s nothing available to eat.” Your New Year's resolution isn’t going to start on its own, and cheating on meat is your best bet in reaching your goals. With other diets, you may end up looking good on the outside, but with meat and animal products still in your diet, you’re probably not going to feel good on the inside.

For more information on Gardein or the “Cheat and Win” contest, please visit http://www.gardein.com or www.cheatonmeat.com.

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