11 November 2011

Review: Fullbar bars taste great and help you lose weight

I was contacted by the amazing people at Fullbar to try out some of their bars to help control portions.

"Fullbar with all-natural Slendesta utilizes two distinct fullness mechanisms, which are clinically proven to help promote weight loss."

When I first read this, I was intrigued, but skeptical. The way it works is simple; 30 minutes before lunch and dinner, you eat a Fullbar along with 16oz of water and then eat a normal, balanced meal.

"Fullbar works with your wiring to stimulate a complex neural and hormonal feedback loops that fills you up so you eat less."

The best part? They taste great!! My favorites are the Chocolate Caramel and Cranberry Almond.

I have been eating one of these bars before lunch and dinner, and they do work! I have a problem with letting myself get too hungry and then by the time my meal is done cooking, I'm ready to eat a small child and can't get satisfied. These really curb my hunger before lunch, but even more importantly, before dinner. Because, as any mom knows, trying to cook dinner for a hungry family means you are generally the last one to eat and are really hungry by that point!

So how exactly do these Fullbars work?

"When you consume Fullbars, the upper part of your stomach is stretched out, telling your brain that you're full. Then, all-natural Slendesta promotes the release of your cholecystokinin (CCK) in your digestive track to you fuller, longer. The result is nothing less than the holy grail of weight loss: a long-term way to control weight without relying on fad diets or unsustainable deprivation."

Sold. I admit, at first I was skeptical that these would even work, but I was pleasantly surprised!

For more information, please check out www.fullbar.com for a list of all of their products, nutritional information and more.

(Note: Some of the bars contain milk and/or honey.)

Jen Pabst | @Jen_foodfamfit
Jen is a stay-at-home mom of three and the author of the blog foodfamilyfitness.com. She is currently a flexitarian; she prefers meatless meals, but hasn’t fully embraced the vegetarian lifestyle, yet. Jen enjoys writing about all aspects of healthy living, food and fitness. In her spare time she enjoys photography and aspires to be a runner and compete in marathons one day.

Photo credit: Fullbar | Disclosure: Product supplied by Fullbar for the review.