21 October 2011

Ellen DeGeneres Adopt-A-Turkey spokesperson for second year

This Thanksgiving, there’s no need to have the death of yet another hapless turkey hanging over your head. Step outside the omnivore box and make a feathered friend instead. You’ll make Ellen DeGeneres happy for starters. DeGeneres is spending a second year as the Adopt-a-Turkey spokesperson for The Farm Sanctuary which leads the nation in farm animal protection and promotes legislative, policy, and individual lifestyle changes to help farm animals. The farm (with a shelter in Los Angeles and New York) currently houses 1,000 rescued turkeys and provides donors a certificate with a picture of turkey they’ve helped to feed. The farm has been doing this good deed for 25 years and the cost to be a part of it? A mere $30.

“We’re thrilled to have Ellen’s support again this year,” says Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder Gene Baur. “Here at Farm Sanctuary, we live with turkeys, so we know they are interesting and intelligent and have complex emotional lives like dogs, cats and other animals. Sadly, the meat industry subjects turkeys to intolerable cruelty and treats them like inanimate objects with no feelings or personalities. Fortunately, each one of us can choose not to support this cruelty by adopting a turkey at Thanksgiving instead of eating one.”

Farm Sanctuary makes the experience a much more human and personal one for certificate recipients by naming their turkeys and giving them a small story about the bird’s personality. The clever staff has given this year’s flock of adoptable turkeys the names of famous people such as Antoinette, who declares ”Let them eat squash!;” Elizabeth, who demurs “This Thanksgiving, give a turkey the royal treatment;” and Victoria, who proclaims ”A holiday feast that’s cruelty-free is one fit for a queen.”

What better time to transition to a plant based diet? Join Ellen DeGeneres in starting a new tradition by adopting a turkey instead of eating one and view this year’s “adoptable” turkeys, by visiting adoptaturkey.org or call the Turkey Adoption Hotline at 1-888-SPONSOR.

Kathryn Lorusso
Kathryn is a former journalist and English teacher who now counsels and mediates teenage drama on a daily basis in the Dallas, Ft. Worth metroplex. Time away from school is spent cooking up new macrobiotic/vegan specialties, writing various blogs and newsletters and taking as many bikram yoga classes as possible.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/cyanocorax