Will Travel For Vegan Food Kickstarter up and running

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Last month, we covered the story of Kristin Lajeunesse, a blogger determined to visit and review every vegan restaurant in the United States. Her goals are to spread awareness about veganism, support vegan establishments, and help out budding vegans around the country by providing them with the info they need.

All that traveling and eating requires sufficient funds, so she's recently launched a page on Kickstarter.com, a fundraising platform for creative projects. Visit her page here.

Kristin has to raise $9,682 by Thursday, October 6th. The minimum pledge is only $1, so you can help her without breaking your own bank. A pledge of $10 or more gets you a free "WTF Vegan Food" bumper sticker; $25 or more gets you a T-shirt, too!

Meghan Joyce | Facebook
Meghan has been a vegan for a few months and blogs about it at MeghanTheVeghan.blogspot.com. She's a PhD student in musicology, an opera singer, and a yoga enthusiast who loves eating and loves the world.

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