09 August 2011

Pierce Brosnan believes only one solution to stop Iceland from whaling

According to actor and long time activist Pierce Brosnan the only way to stop Iceland from whaling is to make them stop.

In a piece that appears on the National Resource Defense Council’s onearth.org website, the veteran Hollywood star claims that Iceland will not cease its whaling activities until the United States levies hard-hitting trade sanctions against the Nordic nation.

“When it comes to whaling, Iceland is an international outlaw," Brosnan writes. “Years of global negotiations and declarations have failed utterly to end its illegal slaughter of whales. It's time to send Iceland a message it can't ignore: trade sanctions.”

Sanctions are possible since U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke recently certified to President Obama that “Iceland’s commercial whaling and international trade in fin whale products is diminishing the effectiveness of the International Whaling Commission.”

Certifying that Iceland is in direct violation of the whaling moratorium allows the President 60 days to decide whether or not to act. Unfortunately after a quick review of Mr. Locke’s recommendations to President Obama, trade sanctions are most likely not on the table.

Unless you believe precursors to sanctions include continued monitoring, international review meetings and strongly worded letters.

Regardless, the former 007 won’t back down:

“The President should assert global leadership and impose tough sanctions, making Iceland feel real consequences at long last for its mass killing of whales.”

The U.S. has never imposed sanctions on another nation for whaling.

Click here to send a form letter asking President Obama to change that very fact and impose sanctions on Iceland.

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