01 August 2011

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen leaves money to his dogs, animal charities

The world of fashion is not exactly one that's been revered for its kindness to animals across the board (thanks to leather, wool and fur), but the deceased designer Alexander McQueen has at least restored some faith in the compassion of those high on the industry's totem pole.

McQueen passed away in February of 2010, and in documents recently made public, it has been found that he left a very large portion of his $26 million dollar estate to his pet dogs and two British animal charities.
Minter, a mongrel, Callum, a Rhodesian ridgeback and Juice, an English bull terrier, inherited $82,000. While that may seem exorbitant, it should be taken into consideration that the money will be used for the continued care of all three dogs.

McQueen left an additional $164,000 to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and The Blue Cross, both organizations that focus on finding homes for abandoned animals.

"It is a touching tribute to his obvious love for his dogs," Kim Hamilton, chief executive of The Blue Cross, told the AP. "His legacy will allow us to help many thousands more sick and homeless animals across the U.K."

Stephanie DeBalko | @_stephanied_
Stephanie is a freelance writer who loves shelter dogs and Vegenaise. She recently came to the conclusion that the written word could be an amazing ally for all animals, and is choosing to use her nerdy love of grammar and punctuation for the greater good of animal welfare. She can also be found at I Hope Vodka Is Vegan.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/yomanimus