15 June 2011

Sun TV host Ezra Levant's 'Tasty Murder' clip makes me sick

Honestly, I feel bad linking to this clip featuring conservative political activist and The Source host Ezra Levant. I know this is what Sun TV wants. It wants to be the Canadian equivalent of Fox News, it wants to kick up a hate-cloud of muck and controversy. It wants to an echo-chamber of "can you believe someone on Sun TV said this?" Shock in the name of eyeballs.

Which is a shame, because there may be potential for actual debate on the issue. A zoo in Alberta, the GuZoo, closed. For being deficient "in all categories of zoo operations," as a CBC article reports.

Now, here's an article from... the Calgary Sun. (Also run by Sun News Media.) Michael Platt's article dates three whole days before Ezra Levant's nonsensical clip, decries the lumping those that oppose the GuZoo in with "frothing, wild-eyed zealots" (meaning PETA, sigh), and describes the GuZoo's 70-year-old owner as a "radical" who "first reacted to the closure by threatening to send his exotic animals to the taxidermist."

So what does Ezra Levant do? He inquisitions a PETA rep while eating chicken wings, and says everything written by his Sun colleague but opposite. The animals on Ezra's Bizarro-world zoo are treated well and, look, he has a short clip of them... standing in cages, not doing much of anything. Journalism at its finest. As if brief moments where nothing bad happens in view can ward off complaints of small cages, rotting carcasses, poorly trained staff, and public safety threats from disease (all mentioned in Platt's article).

Ezra Levant, mid chew, claims that it is hard to find an animal rights person in "real life," only existing in universities and "other rare habitats." He interviews a comparatively intellegent PETA rep, accompanied by the situationally nonsensical banner of "DO ANIMAL RIGHTS TRUMP HUMAN RIGHTS?" (You can phrase anything as a question?) More time is devoted to decrying the supposed hypocrisy of PETA than the fate of the animals at the GuZoo. All I hope is that this saves you the trouble of giving Sun TV pageviews and ad revenue.

I don't watch much television anymore. This is the first I've seen of Sun TV and I was glad to switch it off. Does anyone want my set?

Michael Schnier
Michael went vegan in May of 2010 while shopping for his weekly groceries. Michael is a communications studies undergrad at Carleton University and spends too much of his time arguing on the internet. When not butting heads, Michael can be found reading Vertigo comics, listening to the Smiths, and writing bad poetry. Follow Michael on his Tumblr blog.

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