23 June 2011

Plant-powered runner: Vegan Scott Jurek went from fast food to ultramarathons

For ordinary mortals, running a marathon is the ultimate test of fitness and endurance. But Scott Jurek is no ordinary mortal, and his sport makes a marathon look like a stroll in the park. Jurek is among the world's most dominant ultramarathoners—meaning he typically runs races of 100+ miles. And if that's not enough to make him extraordinary, he does it all on a 100% vegan diet.

An in-depth interview with the 37-year-old Jurek on Huffington Post offers a fascinating look into the life of this amazing athlete. One of the biggest surprises is how unhealthy Jurek used to be:
I was eating fast food four times a week, you name it—extra-large fries, double McChicken sandwich. I used to hate vegetables. And I used to hate running. I could have never have seen myself as this.
In the article, Jurek discusses a wide range of topics, including the health and environmental benefits of a vegan diet, the transformative power of Howard Lyman's book Mad Cowboy, why he doesn't crave meat or dairy, how he deals with restaurants, and of course his take on the nutrition, economics, and motivation required to be a world class athlete. Who just happens to be a committed vegan.

Elizabeth Gordon | Facebook
Elizabeth is an Asian-Appalachian writer, activist, and college professor living in north central Massachusetts. Once an avowed carnivore, she was a vegetarian for 15 years before making the conversion to veganism. She is passionate about trying to live a life that lessens, rather than contributes to, the amount of cruelty and suffering in this world. Follow Elizabeth on her Vegosphere blog and Facebook page.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/wolfgangkuhnle