15 June 2011

Country singer Trace Adkins’ daughter saves beloved pets from fire

When a fire destroyed singer Trace Adkins’ Brentwood, Tennessee, home earlier this month, all their possessions were lost. But his 9 year old daughter Brianna refused to allow their family pets to perish in the flames.

Brianna, along with sisters MacKenzie, 13 and Trinity, 6 escaped the home with their nanny, but when she realized the dogs were still inside she turned tail to save them.

“A neighbor tried to stop her,” Adkins told PEOPLE Pets. “But she wouldn’t be stopped.” So the neighbor went in with her and luckily they found the two 10 month old Australian Shepherds.

“They’re her puppies,” explained Adkins. “[Brianna] has severe allergies and this is one of the only breeds she can have. I told her, ‘I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for the way you saved those puppies.’”

The family is now staying in a cabin they own in the same city, while they rebuild the house they lost. The cabin is small but cozy, the country crooner has no complaints.

“We’re good. We’re fortunate. We don’t have any room to put stuff – but we don’t have any stuff anymore!” he joked.

Bev Hahler | @redhotvegan
Bev, a vegetarian since she was 14 years old, became more interested in veganism several years ago after studying Agro-business as part of an Ecology degree. She has a gorgeous daughter in second grade who has been a vegetarian her whole life (lucky girl). Follow Bev on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/tncountryfan/