13 June 2011

Morrissey prompts meat ban at music festival in Belgium

Being famous definitely has its perks!

Vegetarian musician Morrissey will be headlining an upcoming music festival in Belgium and, at his request, the festival will ban all meat burgers and sausages from being served.

The festival, called Lokerse Feesten, will be held in August of this year and Morrissey's concert will mark his first festival visit to Belgium since he embarked on his solo career in 1988. In honor of the singer's special performance, the festival has agreed to ban all meat products the day he appears.

The administrators of the festival are glad to cater to the singer, plus they see it as a positive cooking challenge. In an official statement, they said, "The Lokerse Feesten have had their eye on Morrissey for a very long time, [and]...the addition of Morrissey to the line-up meant a welcomed catering challenge for one day. As more and more people are introducing veggie days in their diet, we considered one meatless-day out of 10 Lokerse Feesten days a healthy break for all. Our food stalls will be serving you an array of healthy vegetarian dishes."

 For more information on Lokerse Feesten click here.

Geanna Marek | @greenvegnliving
Geanna has been a vegan for over 3 years. She lives in the very veg-friendly city of Portland, Oregon, where she works as a freelance writer and library assistant. She is also currently training to run the Portland Marathon this fall. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, eating, and traveling. Find Geanna at greenveganliving.com.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/rasmin