13 June 2011

Update: Response from the American Diabetes Association on the Steve-O incident

I would first off like to apologize for misinformation I've contributed to in my last post. I've been in contact with Mary Hewitt, Marketing and Communications Director of the American Diabetes Association, and it seems that the Association did not produce, host, or schedule the Celebrity Go Kart Tournament. The Association was "invited by the producers (PerfectbyDezign) and [the event] was attended by other organizations as well such as Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Boys and Girls Club, and others to assist with the education and awareness for the participants and the attendees about diabetes, better health in general."

Though the ADA did not produce the event, the website for the Celebrity Go Kart Tournament (Warning: The page is adorably mid-nineties!) prominently displays American Diabetes Association logos on the home and about pages and lists the organization as a partner. As such, I feel the American Diabetes Association still bares some responsibility for the event.

I have been informed that the food hosted at the event included, "a variety of items which included plant based foods, i.e. salads, veggies, as well as fish." (Salads? How about some falafel on wholewheat pita?) I still lack information as to what other foods may have been available at the event that may have set Steve-O off. I am informed that the Association would have liked to have had a dialog with Steve-O.

As to whether or not the ADA embraces vegan or vegetarian diets: "The ADA does not endorse a specific diet, however, we do provide nutritional guidelines on our web site - www.diabetes.org."
If anyone else has more information about the event, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Michael Schnier
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Photo credit: TMZ.com