10 June 2011

Eric Roberts stars in season 2 of sketch comedy web series ‘Vegan 101’

Eric Roberts is slated to star in the second season of the first ever internet-based vegan sketch comedy, the award-winning Vegan 101.

The vegan actor plays an author and television host, named Dr. Eaton Wright, who utilizes “oddball” and “risqué” tactics to promote plant-based living to those within and outside of the vegan community.

Roberts will be joined by Vegan 101 creator Joanne Rose, who plays the fictitious doctor’s quirky wife, Erica-Sprout Wright.

"People love to laugh and be entertained,” said Rose. “It's a way of educating others about veganism through unconventional ways, which may inspire others to adopt a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle through popularity and fascination with compassionate living. With entertainment, people won't shun away.”

So far season 2 will include the episodes Vegano, Miso Soup For The Soul and The Book Signing with future episodes Vegan Fitness Coach, Vegan Hypnosis, Vegan of the Year, Vegan Holiday at Sea scheduled.

According to a release, Rose’s company Vegan Vision Productions, is currently looking for digital distribution partners and advertisers.

If you are in the biz check them out.

But first take a look at the trailer below.

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Photo credit: Screen Capture