05 April 2011

Vegan in Victoria: A delicious experience at the Rebar restaurant in Victoria, BC

My traveling partner and I were enjoying our last day in Victoria, BC when, after walking around a bit, we decided we were ready to eat. We spotted and walked into a pub, thinking there *should* be something there for both of us (he is an adventuresome omnivore, I am a gluten-intolerant vegan with many food allergies).

After discovering that the vegan items on the menu contained gluten, in a manner consistent with the way all Canadians treated us on our trip, the hostess very kindly suggested a different restaurant that would suit our tastes (and needs) better. It was called Rebar, and she gave us directions, even showing us on a map exactly how to get there. We thanked her profusely and made our way to the restaurant.

Victoria is not a large city, so we found the cute establishment rather quickly. I have to admit, when we first glanced at the menu outside, I commented (and rather loudly), "I hope there's something edible for us to eat here." I know, I know, that was rude, but even though I stand strongly in my veganhood, I still feel a responsibility to offer my eating partners good food. It just so happened we were looking at the wheatgrass beverage menu, but as soon as we walked in and glanced at the real menu, we decided it was definitely a place we were both going to enjoy.

We ordered the Yukon Gold and Yam Fries and a lovely tea to start us off while we decided what else we wanted. My partner decided on the Tempeh Reuben and I picked the Green Curry.

We were both quite content with what we ordered, and there were definitely no leftovers by the time we left (although the ferry might have charged us for the extra weight we carried!).

Rebar is a great place to take vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores because the service is friendly, the food is delicious, and the menu is large and diverse.

Geanna Marek | @greenvegnliving
Geanna has been a vegan for over 3 years. She lives in the very veg-friendly city of Portland, Oregon, where she works as a freelance writer and library assistant. She is also currently training to run the Portland Marathon this fall. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, eating, and traveling. Find Geanna at greenveganliving.com.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/43992178@N00