05 April 2011

Food For Thought Comic Strip: #1 The Veggie Dog

What can I say about this? I read a couple of Scott McCloud's books and was inspired. I decided to do something fumetti-based, as I'm not much in the way of an illustrator. This is my first real stab at the medium... and I took pictures of vegan weenies. I'm actually quite happy with how the visual "caged dog" analogy worked out, all things considered. (Not bad for heavily processed cellphone pictures.)

What I really aim to accomplish in this Food For Thought series is to build a discussion on the different ways in which animals have come to be appropriated by society-at-large for recreation and pleasure. Instead of ranting more about my own views (That's what the comic's for!) I think I'm going to “go to the phones” now. Give me an earful.

Michael Schnier
Michael went vegan in May of 2010 while shopping for his weekly groceries. Michael is a communications studies undergrad at Carleton University and spends too much of his time arguing on the internet. When not butting heads, Michael can be found reading Vertigo comics, listening to the Smiths, and writing bad poetry. Follow Michael on his Tumblr blog.

Photo credit: Michael