22 April 2011

New study: Vegetarian diet helps prevent heart disease, diabetes and stroke

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Just in time for Earth Day comes the release of a new study that confirms what most vegetarians and vegans know already; not eating meat is not only better for the planet, it’s better for your health!

Researchers from Loma Linda University released research that found that vegetarians are at lower risk of developing long-term health complications, including heart disease, diabetes and stroke, compared to non-vegetarians.

The study, published in the journal Diabetes Care, found that vegetarians were 36 percent less likely to suffer metabolic syndrome, a precursor to heart disease and other serious ailments, than meat eaters.

The research is part of a long-term lifestyle and health study that analyzed data from more than 700 randomly selected adults, 35 percent of whom were vegetarian.

“Trending towards a plant-based diet is a sensible choice," Gary Fraser, one of the researchers said.

So, if you haven’t “trended toward a plant-based” diet yet, consider transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan diet not just for your health, but for the Earth's health too!

Robin Lawless | @robmlaw | email
Robin lives in New York City and writes about all things animal, vegetable, and sometimes mineral at her blog wildnewyorkblog.com. Visit her there to read about animal friendly lifestyles in the Big Apple and beyond. Feel free to add Robin as a friend on Facebook.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/ironrodart