VStream Zine promises to offer readers a guide to the world of vegan blogging

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VStream is a comprehensive zine for vegan bloggers and vegan blog readers. It covers everything from why blogging is important to our vegan society to a list of 200 of the most influential bloggers today.

At first I was skeptical because I'm kind of a know-it-all when it comes to reading vegan blogs, but there were so many great blogs I was missing out on. The section I found the most useful is the article on the importance of blogging. It discusses how vegan bloggers have created "an A-Z online vegan reference for the world." That is my favorite thing about being a vegan blogger. I love showing people how easy and delicious it can be to be vegan.

For the blogging newbie, VStream includes information on finding new blogs, social media and advice on how to "break into the blogosphere." What else would you need to be a Vegan Blogger Superstar? Add a computer and a little free time and you've got the perfect way to get the vegan message across.

Even if you're not interested in writing a blog, it's a good read. It features popular blogs and a list of 200 bloggers. That's a lot of vegan food to drool over!

This is all great information I wish I had years ago. VStream is the go-to publication for vegan blogging and for the price of a veggie burger and fries, you can own it!

Amanda Rock | @Sunny_Vegan
Amanda is a vegan foodie, feminist, goth at heart, happily married woman and mom to two black cats and one white dog. Visit Amanda's SLC blog.

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