04 April 2011

Lost toddler survives an entire night outside with help from his dog

When a toddler wandered from home while his parents were away, police feared the worst.

Authorities attempted to find the lost child but after calling off the search at 12:30 am they believed “there was no way” that he could survive alone in the cold night temperatures.

Police did not know that the young boy, 2-year-old Tyler Jacobson of Elgin, South Carolina, was not alone; his pet dog, a black Labrador Retriever, had followed along with him and stayed by his side all night long.

In the morning, when the search continued, police found an uninjured Tyler and the loyal dog together in an unknowing neighbor’s forest about a quarter-mile from his home.

Local sheriff Jim Matthews told AOL News, "When they [police] said, 'He's fine,' I'm thinking, Wow. How did that happen? And the answer is because of that dog."

Although social services have been sent to help with the living conditions of Tyler’s home, the toddler is now safe and warm.

Matthew’s believes, “the dog being with him is what kept him alive."

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Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/rentman1225 note:the photo is not of the black lab mentioned in the above story