28 March 2011

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Karuna For Animals: Compassion In Action, Inc. (Vegan, Animal-friendly)
A yoga-based, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the rights of animals of all species.

The DC Vegan Baking Swap (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly)
We’re a group of bakers from the DC area who gather on a monthly basis to share vegan treats.

Sustainble Business Leader Program (Eco-friendly)
Organization dedicated to helping small to mid-sized, locally owned & independent business interested in "going green."

twig & leaf botanicals (Vegan, Eco-friendly)
Organic, vegan products for your health & home.

Compassionate Jewelry Collection (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
Expressive, handcrafted jewelry for the compassionately cool.

Max & Ruffy's Natural Organic Treats for Dogs (Vegan, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
Max & Ruffy's is an organic dog treat company offering the best in vegan dog treats! Come sniff us out!

Bee Free Honee (Vegan)
Bee Free Honee can be used any way that traditional honey can be used in cooking and baking, in equal proportions.

Ecolissa - Eco + Vegan Fashions (Vegan)
Ecolissa.com carries only fashionable environmentally friendly and vegan clothing and accessories!

APieCalypse Now! Vegan Bakery (Vegan, Eco-friendly)
A small vegan bakery run by an even smaller vegan baker! Specializing in pies, squares and tarts!

Ottoline's Oddities: Vintage Curiosities & Handmade Trinkets (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly)
Vintage wares and handmade items with vintage flare. Hollow Books, ephemera, clothing, and more.

The Vegan Vine Wines (Vegan)
The Vegan Vine does not use any animal products that are normally used in wines for filtration.

Daisy Wares - Vegan Jewelry and Organic All Natural Bath & Body (Vegan)
Daisy Wares is vegan operated using all organic and natural ingredients for your body.

Organic Kama (Vegan, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
Embracing the powers of essential oils & botanicals, our vegan skin care range is 100% divine.

Sierra Tierra Social Media Marketing (Vegan, Eco-friendly)
Sierra Tierra provides social media marketing strategy and education to businesses of all sizes and abilities. Ask about our vegan/green discounts!

Live in the Balance Health Coaching (Vegan)
My mission is to support you in achieving health & happiness through food and lifestyle choices that are best for YOU. Vegetarian doesn't automatically = healthy. I can support you on your transition.

A Virtually Mindful Assistant (Vegan, Eco-friendly)
I help business owners eliminate administrative chaos and get back to their priorities.

TRU Cuisine "Living Food For Real Life" (Arizona) (Vegan, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
Offers classes in raw & living food preparation and education, as well catering, and personal consulting.

JFillustrations - Custom Pet Portraits, Original Art, & More (Vegan, Animal-friendly)
JFI offers custom pet and wildlife portraits, original art, and much more at affordable prices!

Jute Marketing (Eco-friendly)
Marketing services for natural, sustainable brands.

Vegan Steven (Vegan, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
A collection of articles and journal entries from a vegan advocate of social change.

JL goes Vegan: Food & Fitness with a side of Kale (Vegan)
Post-40 I became a marathoner and triathlete, changed careers and transitioned from vegetarian to vegan. I am proof that you are never too old to change! Now obsessive about vegan cooking (and red wine!)

Lola Lollipop (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
Comic strips for people who eat. Lola explores food, nutrition, health, animals, vegetarianism, veganism, and ice cream.

Green Vegan Living (Vegan, Eco-friendly)
My blog focuses on making everyday sustainable choices while living as a gluten-free vegan.

Exploits Of A Vegan Wannabe (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
I’m on a quest to find people, products, places and all things edible that are an easy entree into a more compassionate lifestyle. Meat lovers to carrot lovers, join us for a journey in compassionate living.

Natures Conspiracy (Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
Nature has a conspiracy. It conspires to feed, clothe, house and heal us, and itself. Despite mankinds best attempts to thwart it.

Wild New York Blog (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
Wild New York Blog is a new blog about animals and animal-friendly living in New York City.

Sara Best (Vegetarian, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
I'm interested in healthy eating, healthy living and a healthy planet. I cook, I run, I can't stand people who ask me where I get my protein and I write about it all on my blog. Come visit!

Diet, Dessert and Dogs (Vegan)
Food and health blog focused on vegan, gluten-free, sugar free recipes and tips for living with dietary restrictions. Bonus comments from my two dogs.

Meet The Shannons (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
We can make anything Vegan!

VeganHelper (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly)
Sharing recipes & products I love, as well as tips & info about living cruelty free.

RunCrissieRun (Vegan)
Wannabe vegan athlete and the craziness that creates!

VeganVintageCat (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly)
My blog about my vegan meals, restaurant reviews and more.

Change.org (Animal-Friendly)
Create your own petition or take action on the latest campaigns for animal protection.

Haresay Blog (Vegan)
A vegan, animal lover blog. On the spiritual path, into art, design, and conservation.

Examiner.com SF Vegetarian Examiner (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly)
Recipes (an international mix) and reviews for vegetarian and vegan meals, resources and tips.

VeganConsultant.com (Vegan)
Committed to a compassionate lifestyle being mindful of the welfare of animals, the environment, and our health.

ThatVeganSite.com (Vegan, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
news. reviews. how-to’s. recipes. events. opinions. for the animals. for your health. for the environment. all vegan.

The Art Filled Vege Cookbook (Vegan, Vegetarian, Eco-friendly)
Meatless Meals Filled With YUM! - the art-filled seasonal cookbook that happens to be vegetarian.

Vegan Coach (Vegan)
Easy vegan cooking without recipes, including helpful everyday vegan nutrition advice.

1000gogreenproducts.com (Eco-friendly)
Leading provider of eco-friendly, go green, biodegradable and organic products for your home and office

Happy Vegan! (Vegan)
All things vegan - the animals, the environment, and of course the food.

Discover Veggie (Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal-friendly, Eco-friendly)
Find your next veggie meal. Anywhere!

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