29 March 2011

Florida Senate attempts to outlaw bestiality for third time

On March 23, 2011, the state senate proposed, for the third time, legislation that would make bestiality illegal in Florida.

Obviously this is not the first time this issue has been brought to senate. It all began in 2008, when Senator Nan Rich received news of a quite disturbing story. While committing the act of rape on a goat, the suspected man “accidentally” strangled the goat to death.

The state Senate has since been trying to outlaw bestiality in Florida where it continues to go unpunished. Sadly, the House cannot seem to agree on this issue.

One has to wonder why anyone would vote against such a law. I won’t go on to speculate what this could even imply about some Florida politicians. This is the kind of law you would think just naturally already exists, but amazingly it does not. I hope to hear that the law is passed this time and that it turns out the House is not filled with zoophiles.

There are currently 22 states in which bestiality is legal. Write your senators and let them know you want these laws changed and that the people are disgusted and appalled that such an act is permitted.

Steven Garnett | Facebook | @stevengarnett
Steven is currently pursuing a B.A. in history and women's studies at East Tennessee State University. He is the founder of Vegans and Vegetarians of the Tri-Cities and a student animal rights organization at ETSU. Steven is a vegan, active feminist, and environmentalist. He enjoys film, art, and delicious vegan cuisine and wishes to educate others about oppression, regardless if it's animal oppression or human oppression. Steven's blog.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/ferret111