28 March 2011

Dog survives starvation and being thrown down garbage chute

An amazing story of endurance against cruelty has emerged over the last few days – a one year old pit bull dog was discovered clinging onto life, after being starved and thrown down an apartment garbage chute.

The dog was found by a maintenance worker at the Garden Spires apartments in Newark, New Jersey when he was scheduled to take the buildings’ garbage away for compacting. Luckily he noticed a bag moving and discovered a dog inside who was desperately thin and close to death. The dog was rushed to the nearby 24-hour Garden State Veterinary clinic, where workers found the dog’s temperature was so low, it did not even register on the thermometer. He was so emaciated that every bone in his body was visible through his skin. Against all the odds the dog survived into the next day, which was March 17, so he was nicknamed Patrick in honor of the day’s celebration.

Patrick’s alleged owner, Kisha Curtis, faces two counts of abandonment, and two counts of failure to provide proper sustenance to the animal, which according to Matthew Stanton of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, could result in as little as a 6 month sentence, or a fine and community service.

“It all depends on the judge,” he said. “She (Curtis) caused the animal to be in that condition. She indicated that she couldn’t take care of him anymore.”

Curtis has denied the charges, and investigators are trying to determine if anyone else was involved.

Patrick, deemed a “miracle dog” by animal workers, is making a slow recovery. After a blood transfusion, heating blankets, and IV fluids, he is now able to stand and eat small amounts of food several times a day.

Authorities are urging anyone with information on this crime to call the NJSPCA tip line on 1-800-582-5979.

Bev Hahler | @redhotvegan
Bev, a vegetarian since she was 14 years old, became more interested in veganism several years ago after studying Agro-business as part of an Ecology degree. She has a gorgeous daughter in second grade who has been a vegetarian her whole life (lucky girl). Follow Bev on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/raybland